The visitor who enters in the gallery finds reproduced by speakers positioned on the threshold between two rooms the noise of the street that he just left as if the boundary separating the two spaces, the city and the art had suddenly become fuzzy and permeable. Then, the viewer sees a warp thread of black fabric that spans a large loom that is located in one of the walls. Among the threads have been tied transversely others, imitating threads of intervals that traditionally organize the warp of a loom. Pulling them, roving eye effect is also led to other senses. The spectator active an acoustic circuit which contains a number of voices, a virtual screening of stories that describe different places and routes that are remembered by the inhabitants of Santiago, Chile.  Bárbara manages to generate an artistic activation of the site and the inhabitant’s stories, working with digital, textile and personal narratives.


Circuitos Híbridos. Textil, interactive and sound installation. Mixed media. Threads of handmade black fiber, electrical circuits, physical computing (Arduino hardware, processing, and Pd software). Galeria Gabriela Mistral, Santiago, Chile, 2007.