Bárbara Palomino- Ruiz and Férielle Doulain-Zouari


As every year, philomena+ prepares its project statement in collaboration with artists from the MENA region and representatives of the Viennese art scene. This year the duo-exhibition from the series Carrefour des Possibles is entitled Knotentopologie.

With their in-situ installation Knotentopologie, conceived in collaboration, Férielle Zouari and Bárbara Palomino-Ruiz reflect on the space of action of textile production and its global trade, starting from the places of manufacture (emerging countries), the transport routes (sea) and the places of consumption (industrialized countries). In particular, they intend to make metaphorically visible through their work the nodes and edges of the system, exploring the relationships and dependencies between them. For this, the artists relate concepts such as proximity, texture of space and connectivity, creating a installation that not only weaves together recycled materials and found objects but also includes the use of different textile construction methods and sound recordings that refer to the multilingualism of the participants, turning the piece into a sensory intervention which carries political weight and critical approach.

23/09 – 27/09/2020
curated by Christine Bruckbauer

philomena+ @ PARALLEL VIENNA
Rudolf-Sallinger-Platz 1, 1030 Vienna, room #720
Wed – Sun 12 am – 9  pm