Cada palabra alguna vez fue un poema, cada hilo una imagen

Why do we forget?
Why do we sometimes remember to have forgotten?

Installation made for Alzheimer exhibition in the Parque Cultural Valparaíso, a Cultural Center for Contemporary Art constructed in the area of an ex-prison. The title of this work takes as a reference the phrase from the writer Ralph Waldo Emerson « Each word has been a poem. Each thread an image », to refer to that intermedia area of the memory, where the oblivion lodges. A region that is apparently empty but is full of memory.

Each thread that composed this installation refers to the barrier of access to past events that marginalized memory, but that we try to make visible, to manifest somehow. Each thread is the projection of an image and contains a story that can be told or can to remain in silence…

Site specific Interactive Installation, Mixed Media. View in ALZHEIMER. Parque Cultural Valparaíso Ex cárcel, Chile, 2012.